Inflation pressure with bypass and wind

I am attempting to crate a windsock-type fabric sculpture wherein I can change the opening size and taper of the louvered sections of the piece. is there a way to accurately apply the combination of forces so that as I change the opening size of each louver that the inflation pressure increases? attached are shots of my progress so far.

as inner cable tension decreases, the central opening increases in size thereby changing the bypass ratio

I am attempting to simulate a change in inflation pressure within the sidewall tubes and see how the fabric would behave as the inner pressure changes. it seems as though I am able to change the global ratio between inflation pressure and wind but it does not seem to create a stiffer inflated structure as the opening size is increased. Does that seem correct? I would like to be able to model a “stiff” inflated structure with a fair amount of bypass similar to the wacky-tube-man things but with less buffeting.

Any feedback is welcomed, this is new territory to me.

Do the surface normals affect the pressure direction if the generated mesh is not a closed volume?
Is wind able to affect the inflation pressure directly?
Is there a way to control the inner mesh line tension? I am applying the soap film goal to attempt to smooth the resultant mesh but I am unsure if that is actually doing what I want. (106.8 KB)