Industrial Designer and 3D Modeler. Framingham MA, USA

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We are looking to hire two people, one an experienced industrial designer, the other a 3D modeler to create and maintain assets for a CG pipeline. In both cases experience using Rhino are a requirement, but we are looking first and foremost for very experience designers or modelers besides any tool-specific skills.

Full posting with instruction on how to apply are here:

About us:
We are Fresco Design, a newly formed, small and nimble team of world-class senior designers (mostly industrial designers) providing design services for clients doing challenging and meaningful product development work. Our services include front-end innovation, product idea-generation, and discovery research. We provide conceptual design, industrial design, complex digital services, challenging 3D visualization and advanced CAD surfacing for manufacturing. We also design and manage 3D visualization pipelines for our clients, where we develop their assets, and create optimized outputs based on 3D content for different kinds of media ā€“ including web, print, video, and AR/VR.

Our team is made stronger by partnerships with equally talented and nimble teams of engineering firms, software developers, interaction designers, and materials and processes experts.

We are looking for an industrial designer and 3D modeler to join our team. Freelance first, until confident we are a good fit. You will be working directly with our internal team of designers and with partner and/or client-side design, engineering, marketing, and manufacturing teams.

Most of us are located at our new studio in Framingham MA, and we are looking for someone that can work onsite most of the week. We are a global team with a global client-base, so some travel to Europe and China will be required. Usually trips of 1-week or so.

You will be an active participant, team member, and individual contributor in the complete product development process ā€“ from concept generation and front-end innovation to 3D visualization and advanced CAD modeling. We will give you more responsibility in your strongest skills and more training and support in your less developed areas of expertise.

ā€¢ Mid-level industrial designer and a mid-level/senior 3D modeler with demonstrable 3-8 years of experience in a fast-paced environment of high output.

For Industrial Designer:
ā€¢ Rapid visualization skills using 2D sketching (not only as presentation assets, but also as live whiteboards and digital sketching on screen-sharing sessions)
ā€¢ Advanced 3D modeling creating Nurbs surfacing (in any software), and ideally also Subdivision Surfaces (also in any software). Willingness to work in, or interoperate with, Rhino and Modo. Note: Solid-modeling and parametric skills in MCAD software is a plus, but those skills alone are not enough for what we need.
ā€¢ Grasshopper3D skills are a big plus, and willingness to learn it is a requirement.
ā€¢ 3D visualization skills beyond basic Keyshot3D.
ā€¢ Developing products for production with a strong grasp of engineering and manufacturing processes.
ā€¢ Background in product design with embedded electronics, consumer products, and integration of hard and soft goods are a big plus.
ā€¢ Self-motivation and willingness to take a pro-active role in the creative design process and client communications.
ā€¢ Cross-cultural skills: Familiarity and exposure to other cultures outside the local industry.
ā€¢ Language skills: German, Spanish or Chinese are a plus.

For 3D Modeler:
ā€¢ Advanced 3D modeling creating Subdivision Surfaces (in any software), and ideally also experience with Nurbs surfacing (also in any software). Willingness to work in, or interoperate with, Modo and Rhino.
ā€¢ Extensive experience with physically accurate, cleanly flowing and visually pleasing retopology based on reference CAD and physical models.
ā€¢ Marvelous Designer or similar, Substance Designer and Grasshopper3D skills are a big plus, and willingness to learn them is a requirement.
ā€¢ 3D texturing, UVing and lighting experience
ā€¢ Experience working with production-render engines such as Octane and Vray, and baking for real-time engines.
ā€¢ Background in industrial design and/or apparel assets are a big plus.
ā€¢ Self-motivation and willingness to take a pro-active role in the creative visualization process and client/art-direction communications.

This is an on-site position in our Framingham, MA studio in the greater Boston area.

To learn more please visit or contact us at danielle at (Co-Founder / Business Manager) gustavo at (Founder / Creative Director)


Hi Gusto,

Hope you are doing well.

I saw your requirement and I would help you with this. Please share your requirement here so that we can discuss further.

Please add me on Skype: cis.am4 to discuss this more and take it further.

Looking forward for your response.


Hi Hayden,

We have already listed our requirements, for both jobs. If you are interested in applying I encourage you to send us examples of your work and resume to the emails listed. If we see a potential match in yours skills to our requirements we will get back to you. Unfortunately we do not have time to personally contact each person that might want to apply before they send us their work.

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Iā€™m always happy to help from CA brother!

Do you still have a running Tsplines + that VSR Shape Modeling? :sunglasses:

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Yes indeed!

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I have both but am not using them enough to really stay with the workflow. Hope to be able to get some utility out of them someday!

Hi Gusto,

Thank you for your replying m.

I am sorry for late response. As you have mentioned in your last email to share the resume. Here, I am attaching the same. Hope you like them. Please check and let know the feedback.

Also, please find the samples of my work that I have done previously in below link:

Password: 9999

You can add me on Skype at cis.am4. You can directly take the interview of our developer if you want.

Hope to work with you very soon.


3d designer 1 Raj_Resume.pdf (396 KB)

3d Moduller.pdf (341 KB)