Incorrect patching from contours

I am trying to make surface from contours in Rhino using patch command. However, the resultant surface doesn’t fit the contours as seen in the screenshot. I am using latest stable build of Rhino 6. Moreover, the surface creates unnecessary ‘deep pits’ which are never mentioned by the contours in the first place.

What am I doing wrong ?


Patch determines the “best fit” of a surface with the specified number of U and V spans to the input data. The fit to input curves uses points on the curves at the spacing specified in the Patch command.

To improve the fit of the output surface from Patch to the input:

Increase the number of U surface spans and V surface spans.

Increase sample point spacing.

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Either add more input data (curves or points) which will pull the result towards the points, or manually edit the results.

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Thanks! That did it. :+1::+1: