Dumb question, but why can't I patch these contours?

I haven’t had issues using the patch command in the past, but whenever I try using it to make a surface out of these contour lines - no matter how I toggle the u span/ v span/ stiffness, etc. - Rhino freezes. Am I missing something obvious here?
Ford Street Hill.3dm (9.5 MB)

I think it’s the number of points in the curves. Use Rebuild first and it’ll work faster. I tried 100 points and kept the degree at 1. Then Patch 50x50 for this…

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My guess is way too many points on the curves which is computationally expensive.

I would try running the SimplifyCrv, Rebuild, RemoveMultiKnot type commands first.

Also, try MeshPatch then convert ToSubD and then convert ToNURBS.

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Hello- what is the goal here? If it is to get an accurate representation of a terrain from a single patch surface, there is not much hope - a surface is not going to be able to follow those. MeshPatch will, maybe, get you something usable.


Thanks! I forgot about this command - seems to work!

to build on what Pascal said, if mesh patch gets a result, you can get to nurbs with the quadremesh>tosubd>tonurbs workflow.