Incorrect execution of "bootstrap_step-2" script(link is broken)

Hi. Rhino Community and developers. I’m trying to install Rhino.Compute 7, but get an error.
The script tries to download the archive from the link, but the response is 404.

link to the archive:
If you click on the link directly:

Because of this, it is not possible to install Rhino.Compute.

Might be related to this:

I don’t know, friend. It’s not really related. The file is simply missing from the link. That’s why it doesn’t even download and install.

Perhaps it has something to do with the latest update on github, which was 4 days ago.

The latest build of rhino.compute for Rhino 7 had expired (last build was more than 90 days ago) so github no longer allowed downloads. I’ve pushed a new build workflow so there should be a new download artifact that can be downloaded via the bootstrap script. Can you try running the bootstrap script (step 2) again and see if it sets up everything to work for you? Thanks for reporting this.

Yes, everything works. Thanks a lot.

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