In the market for new laptop to run Rhino 5 & Keyshot?

Have a budget £900 - Some thoughts on chipset and Graphics card please…?

Slightly off-topic … but Keyshot was purchased by the parent of SolidWORKS. Keyshot will be included with SolidWORKS and then will drop support in roughly one year for all non-SW-versions.

Thought that was bunkspeed - but anyway - any laptop advice??

You are right @rfollett - and @schultzeworks is wrong (and almost gave me a heart attack!). It is indeed Bunkspeed that has been acquired by Dassault. Luxion is still just Luxion, makers of Keyshot. And I hope it stays that way!


My bad. I mixed up [Bunkspeed] Shot and KeyShot.

I am using a rented brain today. My regular one is back from the shop tomorrow.

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No sweat, but you gave me quite the scare, Dave (@schultzeworks). I would hate to see Keyshot go the way of T-splines and VSR, being sold to - and subsequently killed by - one of the behemoths of the industry.
Regards, Jakob

Haha…second the heart attack. Such comments are dangerous to health.
Interested to see what comes of this thread…I also am looking to get a laptop…seriously considering a partitioned macbook pro running Bootcamp.

I got this, but it’s not cheap. The Dell Precision M3800 is beautiful, thin, light and powerful. It is definitely worth every penny if you make money using your hardware and software tools.

Rhino works best using NVIDIA/AMD GPUs. Of all the MacBook Pro models, there is only one that has this: the top of the line 15" model that starts out at $2500. I wouldn’t recommend settling for less, as the Intel graphics that come with the other MacBook Pro models isn’t entirely supported by Rhino and can lead to crashes.

If you can afford this, by all means go for it—it’s an excellent machine. However, if you’re planning to be using Rhino on Windows and are on a budget, it would be more pragmatic to go for a Windows laptop.

@schultzeworks…Dave do you have a Holomark score for your M3800?

Holomark score would be handy?