In perspective view my right click to orbit turned into panning

I think this has happened to me before, but when orbiting in persp view while working on something I accidentally right clicked to quickly? and all of a sudden its now panning around like it would do in standard views. Is there something I’m accidentally clicking on or is it a bug? 3D mouse orbits fine. Just curious if there is some shortcut I accidentally clicked on that changes it to panning?

Did you by any chance accidentally change the viewport projection to parallel?

Hmm I checked out the projection views and no, parallel distorts the view but its still allowing me to orbit the perspective view. This was literally when you go to orbit instead of the little orbit icon showing up its the hand icon for panning. Restarting rhino gets rid of it but I would love to know what shortcut or mouse click I hit to trigger it so I can remove it without restarting. Maybe its a bug where the shift key locks and stays in pan mode?

Don’t know what’s happening then. The next time it happens, can you try running the _4View command twice and see if that fixes it?