Improving Panelling Script


I am trying to implement the code from Nathan Miller to Python. Thanks for sharing :slightly_smiling_face:

Simple panellings such as Quads or Triangles have been easy, but when it comes to Hexagonal has become a challenge (I am quite new to programming as you will see…).

PROBLEM: I can extract all the points to create the lines but I am not being able to create those lines.

  • So, the way of extracting the lines is not correct or could be improved?
  • Is there any simpler way?
  • Any recommendations?

Any feedback is welcome :wink:

The points from the image above are from my code, lines are from Lunchbox Plugin.

Hexagonal_Pattern_Python_Script|325x500 (8.5 KB)

Hi @am_jordi,

Grasshopper supports has a VB.NET scriptable component. May there is no need to translate to Python?

– Dale

Hi @dale ,

It is just a project that I had in mind to learn python.

Hexagonal pattern is not shared so the code is 100% mine and started from 0.