Improve the differential growth--Nervous system

in the discussion,here,David Bachman do a beautiful stimulation about growth in gh,similiar with Nervous system
in David folder,i dont know how can he create trangle mesh,i try to use meshmachine to build more complex geometry as the initial geometry is simple in David folder (the green group in GH),but i dont know why the geometry created by myself(the blue group in GH) can`t be used to the stimulation. to open this,need kangroo and phython,plankton,anemone,weaverbird,which i post in attachment.many many thanks for your help (27.8 KB)
anemone1.gha (175 KB)
ghpython2.gha (117 KB)
Kangaroo0099.gha (333.5 KB)
Plankton.gha (29 KB)

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Hi, you need to slightly rotate your starting mesh a little bit

1 year later :smiley:

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I have not yet seen the very original gh file, but i have david’s file. Before I find out this, I have tested with completely horizontally flat plane it grew flat. here is the file I am working (1.6 MB)

but I dont know how to translate that python code to grasshopper definition