Importing a .stp results in massive files

845CAM.stp (11.4 MB)

I am trying to use several files like this one, and they are all files from an umbrella manufacturer. I have a layout and I’m trying to use the files but when I import these and duplicate them my files get massive. I introduced about 7 different blocks for a total of about 25 instances and it added over 2 gigs to the rhino file and my computer can barely handle.

So can someone point me in the right direction to either handle these files in a different manner or make it so that Rhino settings allow me to use the model?

hi @justin7 when I import your file and duplicate the block instance 100 times, then save it, the file size is still 24 MB.

Can you upload the file you are working on to see what is happening at your end?
You can upload large files here

Ok, so this is a file with the umbrellas and bases in it. This is not the file Iwas talking about, but this file represents how the model is becoming laggy. I think its due to all the blocks the .stp files make.

Some advice onhow I could clean up or manage these objects would be awesome

you can clean up the file a bit by deleting curves that don’t matter much in printing. Use SelSmall for this.

Also I notice that one of the umbrellas has been exploded into its surfaces… this is a bad idea:

What makes the drawings way too complex imo is that all the screws and nuts have threads. If you can replace those with simplified nuts and bolts, the geometry will be a lot lighter. For the drawings they only add lots of ‘garbage’:

Thank you for your help, this is great advice.