Imported Polysurface ---> Rhino

Hi. I am trying to CNC a surface that I create in The Foundry MODO (Subdivision Surface).
I would like to recreate it in Rhino in order to get an accurate surface and CNC it after.

As you can see in the image (the green surface) has not a “controlled” fillet along the sides and now I am trying to make for ex. a controlled fillet on the sides (yellow highlight) in Rhinoceros. I have recreated the box with the 15 mm fillet at the sides but I want to emulate the Front surface from the green polysurface with a variable radious or a blend.

I can upload the file if you need it.
Thanks a lot.

It looks like you’re really close. I’m guessing at the exact failure you ran into with the variable radius fillet but I bet some of the radii used were the same as the existing fillets on the model that would be intersected. Always work from largest to smallest radius when filleting in subsequent steps. Post the file before and after the fillet if that doesn’t help and I’ll take a look.

Thanks a lot @BrianJ.

This is the explanation:


Thanks a lot for your help

The front surface could be a trimmed “square” surface instead of a revolved surface. Extend the edges to sharp corners. Create two section curves, one horizontal and one vertical, through the center of the surface. Then use NetworkSrf to create the surface. Trim in the appropriate view with apparent intersections option on.

Fillets have circular cross-sections. They can only have tangent continuity with adjoining surfaces, not curvature continuity. If curvature continuity is desired then use BlendSrf.

You can also upload your file directly to this forum using the arrow symbol in the toolbar above the space where comments are typed. I don’t use Headspace and prefer not to load the software onto my computer.

Probably it is better to build the front without using revolve. When building it with a sphere and some boolean operation, you can filet all edges at ones. Just an idea.

Radiibox.3dm (512.2 KB)

@davidcockey Thanks David I did not know. I will consider for the next time.

Thanks Toby. Please look what happens when I try to do it (I have used the sphere)

@Toby I checked the file. Is it possible to get a continous surface and not a discontinuity ?

Kind regards