Imported 3DM file comes into Revit as fragmented geometry

I’ve been using RhinoInside for several months now and never had this problem but when I import my 3DM file, my smooth extruded surfaces fragment. (Images attached)
I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the latest RhinoInside and restarted Revit several times but the issue seems to persist. I’m importing as a Generic Model if that’s relevant. Anyone having this same problem or know of any fixes?

Has anything changed in the .3DM file tolerances or location?

Thanks for your reply, Japhy. The file path is the same and as far as the tolerances, do you mean in Rhino or is there a separate Revit/RhinoInside setting for that? In Rhino the tolerance is set to 1/1000th of a foot and the angle tolerance is set to 1 degree.

Can you post the area of issue to test? If you prefer you can privately email it to us here Upload

Just uploaded to your link, thanks

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The geometry you are attempting to push into Revit has some issues. They are open polysurfaces with naked edges, you can see these with the command ‘ShowEdges’. Ideally these would be closed polysurfaces, even so Revit may have a hard time with non-developable surfaces (double curved).

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Thank you, Japhy. I’ll try fixing the file and reuploading!

Also, along the curved edges there are very long and thin sliver surfaces. I would explode the solids and rejoin then to eliminate these very small surfaces. Do not use a window select to get all the surfaces. Just pick them one at a time.

Running the Select Bad Objects command will track down this very thin degenerate surfaces.

Thank you Scott, I appreciate the feedback!