Import STL file with file name

I use this method to open the folder, Export (object name to file name) & Import (file name to object name)but it doesn’t work for compressed files. Is there any way that I can get the (object name) file name by importing stl from within the compressed package? (12.4 MB)

There is some new technology in Rhino 8 that can help with this.

Do you have any example of the files?

It also can be processed with grasshopper now much easier.

The name, color and layer can all be used to sort the objects.

Thanks @scottd
I will try it after upgrading in the future. Are there any good solutions for versions below rhino7?
I have too many STL files to process and they all have different file names.

I think the trick is unzip. The files into a folder and then use the existing code you have. There is a library in ironpython 2.7 Zipfile:

That could work.