Import file from Fusion 360

What is the best method to import files from Fusion 360?
I have tried a couple of file formats and IGS gives me the cleanest file so far, however, the bodies that were there in Fusion 360 (as solids) are not imported as closed polysurfaces when I import by individual elements. Did I miss something? Or is there an alternative method which allows me to keep the individual bodies intact upon import?

Hello - if STEP is available, I’d use that. Iges does not create solids in Rhino.


If you really have to use Iges either model with toleranses (gaps between solids) or export one file for each object and then select all surfaces and then run join in Rhino. But iges is an aged fileformat, so step is better. (Also old, but supports joined surfaces)

Good read:

Interesting, on the Fusion forum I read a topic where Iges was mentioned as preferred format. It makes sense now. I found both DWG and STEP to work fine, is there any difference between the two that I should be aware of?

Typically, but not always, dwg (or dxf) for curves, lines, points, and STEP for solids (polysurfaces). Occasionally IGES, or any of the other available interchange formats might work better in a specific circumstance. Which format is hit-or-miss and very case specific. Generally, it’s best to have a progression - always start with STEP, then try the others ONLY if there is a problem. In a minority of problematic cases, IGES, etc. might bail you out.

Here’s another thought: go to the F360 forum and search for the feature request - Rhino 3dm Export - and vote for it . It has been tagged ‘under consideration’ for years and might be a boon for interoperability. OnShape has 3dm export…why not F360…and why no love for the ‘beloved’ 3dm over at AD?.. :smiling_imp:

While on this subject, wouldn’t be nice if one could simply copy/paste a closed (or not) polysurface from Rhino to Fusion 360 and use the patch tool there or tools such as the much more advanced fillet tool and then copy/paste back into Rhino? Then vice versa!

Might as well post the link here for people to vote on Fusion 360 being able to export in native 3dm format. From my experience a few upvotes within a day or two will propell it to the top of the (hot) ideas page.

On the subject of copy paste geometry, take into account that each 3D modelling package has different code under the hood to create similar looking elements. Even between Fusion 360 and Inventor (both Autodesk) two models made using the exact same procedure may end up having different masses. So that is not as easy as it sounds.

Yeah Intuos, I figured as much on the direct copy/paste. I’ll settle for the export 3dm from Fusion and hope it comes to pass. I do remember there was a short version of SpaceClaim that could do copy/paste with Rhino as I described. Must have made too much sense.