Implementing an own PopUpMenu - C++


When objects are overlapping, selecting them opens a popup menu which lets you choose, which object you want to select.

Is there anyway to implement an own popup menu which then gets used instead?

The use case I have is the following:

CRhinoGetObject go;
go.SetCommandPrompt( L"Select objects" );
CRhinoGet::result res = go.GetObjects( 1, 0 );

I have special, “hidden” objects - relations, which are connected to the objects. While the user is selected objects, e.g. some mesh, I want to show him my own pop up menu to allow him to decide between the mesh or my “hidden” relation.

Best Regards.

The “choose one object” UI is displayed by the RhinoChooseOneObject() SDK function. See rhinoSdkGetObject.h for details.

Rhino’s object picker calls this function whenever there is an ambiguous pick. There is no way to override its functionality - sorry.

After the Get function returns, check the returned object to see if there is a possibility that the user might want one of your hidden objects instead. If so, prompt the user for the correct object to use.