Images on cylinders

wrapping images around a cylinder , not working why ?

Do you mean texture mapping. Describe the problem and even attach a screenshot as you can.


I have a packaging design and I have saved images as png . Now I am using them as decals on my product. I have placed one on top as planer . all , good.
I am trying to place one on the cylindrical part. (think ice cream container) ut as I try and fit to the container my image disappears when I render.
Although I can see it in my preview render …


What renderer are you using?

FlamingoNXT 5.0

Here is what I am doing

Just a simple shape with an image around it , but I can’'t seem to use the decal function for a cylinder. So I ve had to use a planer decal , but if I rotate the product I have no image on the back.

My favorite ‘hack-nique’ is to make the side and top separate geometry, THEN apply two different materials.

Many people will use the explode command to separate joined surfaces, but try solid → extract surface for more control. Once you get a model separated, it’s simple to assign unique materials anywhere you want. This is much easier and quicker than using decals or channels.

Of course, if you are prototyping, this will defeat the purpose. In that case, I just make two copies of the model on different layers; ‘render’ and ‘proto.’

Hi Shap3 - can you send the object or even s screen capture with the Decal controls showing? So far this seems to work as expected here.