Image sampler, pivoting panels

Can someone please explain to me what i’m doing wrong

I’m trying to pivot small surface panels based on an image ,
however the results i get is distorted in comparison to the original picture,
refer to image Red circles and blue circles are inverted and the image is diagonally distorted.
Any assistance on the matter would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

facade test image

You’re attaching massive files without internalized geometry, that’s what you’re doing wrong!

It would be better to attach just the sub-section you are working on so we don’t have to filter through unnecessary sections. And internalize geometry so we can work on it of course :slight_smile:

Ah apologies, i was boggled down with this i didn’t realize i dragged the rest of the scripts along…

Facade test (55.1 KB)

Please find attached the revised GH file without the rest of the junk,
PS couldn’t delete the previous post, wouldn’t want other people making the same mistake.

You didn’t internalize your base surface.
Anyway, you could do something like this.

Facade test (54.0 KB)

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You’re brilliant thank you so much for you help !