IMAGE SAMPLER || domaine & image rotation || firefly?

Hi guys !

I’m trying to match an image - using image sampler - WITH a specific oriented surface. I need to easily rotate/scale/stretch the referenced image in order to match the oriented surface (the surface doesn’t align with World axis). (I don’t want to distort the referenced image, and it doesn’t matter if the image extend beyond the oriented surface.)

First, I don’t understand how to set the image sampler domaine correctly.

Second how this domaine could be set parametricly, so I didn’t have to set it manually into the image sampler ?

And the main challenge is : how to align the image to that oriented surface and maybe scale it?

I though about Firefly pluggin … is it a good idea? not alot of infos on it. (2.1 MB)
Charles C.

Hope it helps you out… (4.0 MB)


how the… I love you…