Image Sampler - Creating Columns with Images

Hi there,

I have been struggling lately with the image sampler to create a column that follow the black/white shades of topography images.

At the start I was using a vertical image with (1837 x 3519) resolution. Then switched that to just a square to understand the relationship between the (Resolution + Image Ration (X-domain & Y-domain) + output result numbers).

Here is the Rhino, Grasshopper file and both squared and Horizontal Image.

The end goal is to follow the horizontal one to apply that to a column design.

240120-Column Experiment.3dm (33.6 KB)
240120-Column Experiment (1.1 MB)

could you please explain how are you planning to use the colour data that you might extract from an image to create columns?
do you have a drawing or a sketch of the final result you are aiming for?
from your screenshot looks like you would like to use the image as a displacement map of some sort?

Silly me, I should have explained that earlier. :sweat_smile:

Its a matter of pushing the points away from the center of the circle the whiter the colors on the image, and vise versa for the black. After that all the lines can be lofted to create the end result mesh or column.

This is one of the results I was getting, but it wasn’t reading the image in black/white correctly.

I tried to use your definition but unlike you you can’t see the extrusion of the texture in the “V” direction

I’ll attach your definition with the surface
Image Sampler - Creating Columns with (3.8 MB)

I didn’t read all the answers, but it seems that you don’t use the good vector, it is the N (normal) that has to be used and also it is flipped.
It is also better to user surface from points.

240120-Column Experiment (1.1 MB)
Full resolution

And if you want to flip U/V, you can do that

And if you want no seam

240120-Column Experiment (1.1 MB)

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I tried your first definition, solved the extrusion problem. But it is as if the surface performs an offset at the minimum points, while in my case I want to keep the black parts of the image at a value of 0, and the parts that extrude must be those that go towards the white.

as you can see there is a gap between the texture and the nearby edges
jpg su (3.8 MB)