Image Sampler and rock formation

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Can anyone help me with a definition.
I would like to create a rock formation from a picture i have of cobblestones.
I’ve photoshoped the colours really bright to create contrast between them.
based on the colour differences i would like to give them a height to make them look like little platforms. Basically i would love it if i could get a cobbelstone form in grasshopper which is similar to a natural rock formation in Scotlands Fingal’s cave :slight_smile: ]

My cobblestone and the natural formation example pictures are linked here.

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Thank you so much in advance and have a beautiful day !!
Sandra Mirka

It might work out better to convert the image to monochrome and use the image sampler component. The Image Sampler has various filters and can output a value based on what the filtered characteristic of the image is at each sample point. A common filter is Brightness so the image sampler would output a value for each sample point based on the brightness at each sample point.

The output values can be used to move points typically in the Z direction so brighter points would get moved higher than dark ones. This might give you the darker, mortar like areas low while the cobblestone areas are raised.

If you create a mesh through your translated points then you can apply smoothing to the mesh to round any sharp edges off using tools like Weaverbird.

You might need to experiment with different images and image sampler filters and settings to get the effect you’re after.

If you search for image sampler you are sure to find very similar problems.

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