I'm unable to convert a Plankton mesh to a Rhino mesh in Mesh Machine

I am using mesh machine to approximate a brep, but my plankton mesh component is not allowing me to go from a plankton mesh to a rhino mesh. It’s giving me an ‘invalid mesh’ output. I’m wondering if it has something to do with my components or process.

I’m using the static mesh machine component found here

2018.08.08_mcneel_forum.gh (10.8 KB)

It seems like the Rhino 6 mesh is more picky about meshes than in Rhino5.

My CT-scanned meshes are hopelessly bad and Rhino rarely let me go from Rhino mesh to Plankton or the other way around. Same problem with Rhino mesh --> Dentro Volumes --> to Rhino mesh. :frowning:

In my opinion Rhino meshes should accept also crappy meshes. It is my problem and no one elses if I accept “bad” meshes, which arent very bad at all depending on use. I mean, not all meshes are intended for 3D printing or FEA, and in my case not even intended for display.

I’m voting for introducing two component modes for Rhino meshes; “picky” mode and “non-picky” mode. :slight_smile:

// Rolf


Me have the same issue

Invalidmesh.gh (10.4 KB)

Hi The Cyclist and Loc,
Both your definitions are running fine with ther version of MeshMachine I have on Rhino 6.
But I replaced your Mesh Machine component with the one I have.
Try Daniel’s Github for Mesh machine: https://github.com/Dan-Piker
I also added the reset button and gave Mesh Machine 10+ iterations.

BUT… how about you try using SimpleRemesh component in Kangaroo 2.

NowValidmesh.gh (20.9 KB)

Thank you Drew,
Yes, I think it’s all about the version of the components that I’m using since it still shows invalid mesh When I open the file you sent 1st time:

I’ve checked my special folder and having this:
After seeking around for updated versions, finally I made it.
Here is these files:
Libraries.rar (191.5 KB)

Would you upload the zip file again? The MeshMachine gh is missing. I have been encountering difficulties with finding the right Meshmachine gh file

Hi -

You can use the PackageManager to download and install meshmachine.