I'm contemplating making a Savanna 3D Legend

The models are top notch. It’s hard however to find exactly what a person needs. I recall the Video Asuni made which was helpful but I think for R6 and missing some models.

What I’m thinking about doing is just producing file with the file name of each model in front of it. I’m NOT talking about sharing a 3dm model, but rather just creating a pdf or jpeg plot like shown. One for each category. And maybe uploading it to the gallery if Asuni thinks that’s appropriate? If not I’ll probably make a legend for my own use. But that would suck as I’m certain I’m not the only person losing productivity.

I have Savanna for both R6 and R7. I want to include both versions if R6 contains unique models (in significant number that is). I’ve noticed that the chairs (so far) seem to be virtually identical. The toilets are different. This isn’t “hard” work but I’d rather minimize it, and therefore might ignore the R6 models.

Any thoughts? Anyone else interested?