IK Difficult for me

I’m going crazy for the IK animation of this mechanism in BONGO. (It’s a sofa relax mechanism)
I’m a beginner and setting up the kinematic seems like an infinite thing to me.
Is it possible to do this in BONGO or am I just wasting time?


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By the look of the picture I guess Bongo than do it. When you send me the model I’ll have a look!
Indeed setting up the IK chain isn’t easy for a beginner. Can you please inform me which version of Rhino and of Bongo you are using?
suggest you meanwhile take a look a some IK videos on my channel https://www.youtube.com/user/ladritube


PS Maybe meanwhile you can take a look a some IK videos on my channel.

I publish the video of the animation of the mechanism that I had already posted.
I’m glad I did it, but almost all the work was done by Luc Adriaenssen. Thank you Luc because he has shown me that BONGO can solve this kind of problem.
I hope version 3.0 is a little more user friendly.


I spend some time this weekend building the model with Bongo’s Connections. Unfortunately I came across a glitch. But hey … that’s what a WIP is all about, isn’t it.