Bongo inverse kinematics

hi all Bongo users I have a tricky IK question
I am a beginner at Bongo but have worked with similar programs before
is this possible to do IK (inverse kinematics) on this? See picture
the movement that controls is the left arrow. (a horizontal movement) I hope you understand the different steps from 0 and up and back to 0
grateful for tips
Lasse Hässler


Bongo’s IK isn’t able to switch its “Constraints” on or off during 1 animation - i.e. the blue lever touching the square block. So… no, this mechanism cannot be animated using IK.

The Physics feature in Bongo’s WIP however is hopefully fit to deal with this kind of animations. Unfortunately its ‘spring department’ still needs some fine tuning (e.g. it laks parametric dimensioning).

It surely is an interesting project for us to test on. May I ask whether this is an existing (operational) mechanism that you want to animate (in which case; can you please provide us/me with the model – or is it a concept that you want to test on feasibility or efficiency?