Iges files in Rhino

Hello, hopefully my question is in the right place.

I am writing a C++ program that creates an Iges file of various linear path entities (type 106) and NURBs surfaces (type 128). In an Iges file you can define a level function (type 406) and in Rhino you can nest layers in each other.

My question: Does Rhino have a way I can define a layer in an Iges file using type 406 and then define sub-layers to the original?

If I open an Iges file in Rhino and manually create a sub-layer by drag-n-drop and re-save the file as an Igs file it will not reopen with the appropriate sub-layers. It just gives them a different name…

Thanks for any help!

@tim, this this something you can help with?

I don’t know IGES very well so I don’t know if this what you’re looking for or not. Try looking at the help topic for SetIgesLayerLevelMap.


Not exactly, but I appreciate the quick response! I’m looking for a way to note in an Iges file that level/layer “X” is nested in level/layer “Y”.

Based on my research it doesn’t look like it is possible, but I wanted to swing the question past you just in case I missed something. There isn’t too much IGES help info online : )