Identifying touching objects vs floating objects within a closed curve


I’m very close to finishing a task but I have one thing leftover that I can’t seem to solve - I wont go into too much detail about the wider purpose of the script but where I am stuck is in the following scenario when I am trying to identify objects that are floating inside of a curve and not touching the boundaries.

As per the attached internalised piece of the definition I am able to dispatch the curves that are touching the boundaries at either of their ends (using start/end points, according to whichever direction the original crv was drawn) but I’m not sure how to go about getting the floating ones that don’t touch at all. I seem to have run into this several times where “dispatch” doesn’t split the list up for me the way I thought it would and I am not able to get at the leftover objects, this leaves me stuck looking for a workaround.

I’ve tried using “equal” and “larger than” do do the reverse of what I did before to get to those three floating lines but it doesn’t seem to fly.

Any help would be appreciated! (9.7 KB) (10.3 KB)

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With data tree… (12.8 KB)

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That collision component was the key to the problem - Thanks! :wink: