Ideas for GH 2 Groups / Data viz. and Data flow

@DavidRutten I’ve been using Telepathy and Metahopper lately, and it gave me a few ideas I’d like to share for GH2 :

First : the telepathy “Sender” and “Reciever” components really deserve to be implemented as a basic feature ; just with a few enhancements

Also, visualization of data should be made easier, for example by leveraging double-click on components to pop-up / close a panel :
<EDIT : double click on the outputs, not on the name/icon>

Finally, to make groups really useful, their names should have a smart behavior (like components) : defined pixel height at close-up levels, and % of screen size when zoomed out.
Moreover, if the user wants, it should be made easy to add Recievers in the left end of the group and senders at the right-end. Enforcing this has made my definitions worlds more understandable / de-bug-able / upgrade-able :

It would also save time if components were automatically added to a group if created or dropped in the group boundary.

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My vote for telepathy similar component.
I use it almost in any definition but there is a big problem on copy/past. If you do it with a large amount of telepathy elements every thing becomes a huge mess. A option for auto renaming a component when holding a key in a past command.

I can implement this, though.

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Isn’t that just data visualisation under view?

Already in GH

Hi Christopher,

I never use the data viewer because I think it misses the point.
To debug / make progress in a definition with high order trees, it is often useful to see the contents of multiple components at once.
The panels are just fine, but their creation directly by double-click on component outputs would streamline the process.
I like the fact that the Data viewer adds the list of branches, but it also misses a great opportunity by not leveraging this list as a way to browse the data tree.
One could imagine clicking on a branch in the “Topology” list, and have the “Data” list scroll to that branch automatically.

Panels could also be much improved by the implementation of more precise scrolling, specially for large trees.
Once the elevator button is pressed and dragged, the scroll speed could depend on the distance between the panel and the mouse pointer, just like some video players have.
Pointer close to the panel = fast scroll
Pointer far from the panel (horizontally) = slow scroll

Yep. As it stands, Telepathy can also become your worst enemy if you don’t enforce a few awkward Gremlin rules.

Yep, the problem comes when you copy/past both source and destination, clearly you would like to have a copy of source and destination linked correctly but you end up with spaghetti code.

Ha ha ! Is that what you say in Naples :wink:

For one, there should never be two senders with the same name !

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That’s from BASIC time.


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