I'd like to Back SR Candidate to SR

I’m using Rhinoceros5 with the recent SR Candidate.

but I’d like to test the previous SR.

How can I go back these SR module files?

There aren’t any release candidate for RH5 at the moment. The latest release of RH5 is SR 13, which no longer is a RC.

I see that you have asked a question about Python and a fix for SR 13 but reading one of those threads it looks like you need the layer.py from SR 11. Is that right? If so, the SR 11 version was posted here:
SR12 - Parent Layer Bug?

There is also a link to download SR 11 in that thread (a German version but you can change de-de with en-us to get the English version).

Today, The Release Candidate is available, and it can be auto-updated from Rhinoceros > Help,
and that does not seems to be equal to Service Release 13. because my Plug-in needs to RC (not SR13).

So I need to back to SR13 in my develop environment.

Are there any way to back to the current SR13 from the current RC ?

Hi Katsu - as far as I know there is no current RC - the latest is SR 13.


Hi, all,

Please Check In Your Rhinoceros5, the latest RC is available although you use SR13.

It seems to be equal in version and date , but my plugin won’t exec in SR13, need to Install Latest RC in Rhiho5.

This image shows that I’m using 5.13.60523 (i.e. RH5 SR13 of 2016-05-23) and that there are no release candidates available.