I want to scale down my mug

cube help me.3dm (11.0 MB)

you see this to pictures the one in the rhino screenshot have the same wideness and I want the tall one to be a little bit close in wideness like the tall mug in the other picture is there any command in rhino that can help me do this perfect i have already used box edit but it doesn’t work the way I want thank you

Hello Ahemed,

I cannot see what the diameter of the tall pitcher at it’s top and it looks like it slightly tapers inward from bottom to top ?
Given there is no taper and you want to change the diameter of the mug one can do this with the Gumball.
Double click Perspective view port tab so you have 4 views.

[Top view. 3D change the diameter - hold down the shift key and move one of the square handles. Then without holding down the shift key in the Front view pull down on the square handle at the bottom.

Now having said that the scale 3D tool will get you there to with great persuasion if needed.

Just type the F1 key after you initiate one of these commands . You will be directed to detailed help via a web page. Make sure Gumball is turned on [ bottom of User Interface] before clicking on an object.

An overall concern with your models is that they are open poly surfaces. So adventurous to close these and have closed poly surfaces. Easy to find out all about this to.

Hope I am on the correct path with this. Thank you,


use “Cage” command.
Choose “Bounding Box” and with the help of Gizmo you can scale whatever way you want(1d/2d/3d). Choose control points of the cage wisely as per your need.

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Gumball will not be ideal when I hold the shift key to scale down 3d is scale the hold object I only want to scale the top diameter

Hello Ahemed,

It is a two step process:

1st step with holding down the shift key [in Top view port]
2nd step without holding down the shift key. [in front view port]

Cage another route I imagine. It is not a tool that I use much. But I am also considering and suggesting work flows that hopefully will not increase the number of edges that personally, I would fix. [ select an object and under: Analyze > Edge Tools > Show Edges.].

Sorry I was not clear. Hopefully now clarity. If not please let me know and I will model my intent. The Scale 3D under the transform tab is very much so worth looking at as it is quite useful. It has 2D etc. as well.

Thank you,


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Thank you kalpit I used cage edit and bounding box to solved my problem thank you so much

Andy I am able to solve the problem but I will like to use your method too thank you very much

Brother Gumball can also do scale-2d when you hold Shift and click on Two axis-Grid (XY,YZ,XZ) of Gizmo. like that-

Yes as is often the case in Rhino, a number of ways to approach and accomplish a modeling task. If one wants / needs a great deal of precision and accuracy when scalding I think [ as best I know - a little] that the use of the Transform>Scale tool [ 5 “flavors” ] is the perhaps best and quickest for achieving the exact intended results. I would welcome opinions that differ form this as the goal is to elucidate the superior workflow / outcome.

Thank you.


Hi kalpit I tried your method when I hold the shift and click on the two axis grid is still scale in 3d not 2d. Try is on the model I sent to you not this cylinder. Thank you

Hello Ahmed,

I think the only reason that the method I suggested may work is because the model itself is not a sound polysurface. Run Analysis > Edge Tools > Show Edges

Holding the shift key down for the top view transformation would also increase the wall thickness, But in your model it does not seem to do so.

Thank you,