I want to print this and when i make it to stl, the repair mesh is red

I checked the ring but can’t see any naked edges and it still says this is a bad mesh. What exaclty is wrong with this model? I need to be in time for my exhibition. Thank you daap.3dm (522.9 KB)

Hi Alex- what exactly says the mesh is bad? So far here the object looks fine and I can make a mesh from it that Rhino likes perfectly well as far as I can see.

daap.stl (300.1 KB)


Pretty sure you are using Rhinogold?

If so Rhinogold`s STL wizard creates bad mesh from time to time when just using Rhino will give you a good mesh. For some models you are better off using the Rhino mesh tool and then export to STL.

If you run check on the mesh created by RG it will show that RG is failing because it is creating a non manifold edge and some naked edges on the left side.

If you split your model, delete the left side……

…. then mirror and join Rg creates the stl file. However if you use Rhino to check the mesh that RG just created…….

….Rhino tells you the mesh has some problems.

Pretty sure that the TDM guys have been aware of these problems for sometime but it remains a bug IMO. In the help section they pretty much tell you to go back to using plain Rhino if the STL wizard fails. HTH.