I really want a native sub-d solution

I’d really like to see a native,fully integrated subd/ mesh modeling solution be built into v6-


Me too!

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ME TOO!! Thanks for saying out loud Kyle. Imagine how powerful Rhino would be?

but you know once you have this native, then I will start really asking for editable mesh-booleans (like Modo’s meshfusion), being mor epicky about rendering, UV, texturing…

Thais is why we can’t have nice things :smile:


I’ve been harping on getting this into Rhino since way back this would be really great.
Once again I cast my vote for this and for Voxel modeling “that works” like 3dsculpt inside of Rhino as well. These would propel Rhino and maybe increase sales if well done and easy to use.

oh BTW, you devs should really consider including Pixar’s Psub smoothing as an option (it’s an open standard now). I do not want to use old, shitty Catmull-Clark smoothing ever again.

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Ummm … gee … I don’t know. If Rhino gets Pixar Psubs then I’ll have thousands of dollars of software that I won’t need anymore.

New formZ implemented some features related to Sub-D modeling tools.


Sub-D-like modelling is by far the most important future proof focus Rhino can invest in imo.
So I really hope for this as well.

A quad-mesh-cage-like modelling with point and line weight is a great start.
And even a pure mesh version is also a great start.

sharpness sliders for the win!!



Modo webinar talking about their aggressive push into the product design space-

yup, there’s a lot of talking from The Foundry, but they have not made much progress on making their product more usable, robust and stable to be a designer’s tool. Sometimes I wonder if all the hype is just to position themselves better for a sale. Keep in mind The Carlyle Group (equity firm) owns The Foundry and their business is buying and selling companies… but hype enough can’t get them there, so I think they might come up with something, but even knowing as much as I know about Modo and people working with them, I’m skeptical. If you think McNeel’s developers are stubborn ( you think that, I don’t!) you have not idea how much worse the Modo guys are.


I don’t think modo’s developers are stubborn, I think they’re ridiculously inconsistent. Every new version brings a handful of great ideas paired with functions that don’t work or are completely over engineered to the point of being useless (the snapping engine before 801 comes to mind). And it crashes, and crashes, and crashes.

are you implying the snapping in 801 is any good? It’s OK to just drag stuff in a pretty much empty scene. No scaling, no rotation, no projected alignments, it’s sophomoric. At least now they know it, because I gave them a demo of Rhino and Solidworks snapping.


LOL - no, but it’s usable in a limited way. The snapping that was introduced in 501 was completely unusable. After struggling in frustration with that for a couple of years, the new snapping is a great relief. But I’m starting to work in C4D now and I expect that over time I’m going to abandon modo and work primarily in C4D when I need polygonal modeling

Couldn´t agree more ! !

A native sub-d tool in V6 l would be a (or even THE) tremendous step forward.

Regards to all



TBH- I like that you dont concentrate too much on the modeler side. Most CAD modelers with Subd capability have pretty awful modeling tools.
Better to get the import and refinement spot on first. Poly models can be made in Blender modo etc: The last stage of transitioning to nurbs is the one that lacks options.
But agreed for the most part with most of your comments.

I get to sell my T-Splines plugin? :slight_smile:

2D Cube, I read the EULA for Autodesk . It doesn’t transfer to another user. Correct me if I’m wrong.
Sounds like a lot of people know how to work around some of the sub-d stuff. If you have a living to make, better get the tools that work now and when better stuff come , then get that. Waiting is the worst tool.–Mark

I have a long long email chain between me and Autodesk EU and USA. It’s a long story but you can sell and buy after one year. Or at least you could back when I bought my license over a year ago…