I need help to create an algorithm for this example

i need help to create an algorithm for this example
Waves are like fabric wrinkles. I know it’s possible with curve Attractor, but these fabric wrinkles are not created with this quality. Can anyone write this algorithm?

Check this plugin:



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First of all writing a script to simulate fabric is maybe one of the most difficult things to do and is maybe why that milled feature wall was created in the first place, as a show off for 3D skill level.

So if you want someone to help you do that then people need to know a bit about you, your project and needs.

Is it a paid job for you and/or for them?
What is you skil level?
Is that you design or do you want a replica? (If so why and what about copy rights?)
Have you started the process and if so share your script/gh definition.
Have you any sketches?
Are you a student?
Will you contribute to the forum in the future?

Good luck :slight_smile:


@Rh-3d-p as @Holo said all these are important points to note. Before posting try to do little research about the image your using. Because now you have all possibilities with Google Google lens etc… and read Forum’s rules before posting.

Info about the image you referred above is here:



I asked this question to improve my skills and I wrote the following algorithm myself, but I haven’t learned much about the quality of fabric waves yet. If anyone can help, thank you.

step1.gh (29.3 KB)

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This plugin only creates a simple sinusoidal wave that can be written with an absorption point and does not have the quality of the fabric at all.

Check this thread:

thank you