I miss linQ library in latest Grasshopper

Rhino 6.
that’s all.

Probably the most vague thing I ever read, but I think you mean that you miss it in the script components? Rhino6 GH script componets now let you add your own namespaces. So in the script editor, in the area above the Script_Instance, type

using System.Linq;

Brilliant! thanks a lot. I didn’t know you can add namespaces.
Because in Rhino 5 the linQ namespace was by default. so I miss to have linQ by default.


When I added that feature I removed some of the less common default namespaces. Do note that the same assemblies are referenced as before, so just typing using Anything; won’t necessarily work if the Anything is not part of the default references. You will still have add references by hand if you want that.