Grasshopper c# script components : using statements : System.Linq

whilst creating a new c# script component today (grasshopper 1.0.0006) I got a nasty shock when I found that System.Linq was no longer available.I use Linq all the time inside my custom components.

However, I was able to add it back in by typing in the whitespace at the top of the script file below the using statements, which I’m sure was not possible in the past. Is there a grasshopper changelog available that describes this new namespace behaviour and the removal of System.Linq?

If this new approach to using is by design then I suggest adding a comment in the c# script template along the lines of:

// Add additional System, Rhino and Grasshopper namespaces here

I know @DavidRutten mentioned this a little time ago.

Just a quick forum search

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Yes it is by design. Just add using statements.

Great thanks. Apologies for not catching that one.