I have a list of DisplayMaterial. How to get their name?

as it is printed out in Panels in Grasshopper:

How do i get their “name” out of the DisplayMaterial Class?

You will need to get that though the Element Property Material Members

Hi Japhy,
Thanks for the reply.

The link you shared are Revit api

do i need to import Revit api into Rhino in order to be able to parse these data in python?

My apologies, I read this as Rhino.Inside.Revit


Sorry too.
The tag came out when i typed in Python.

I changed the tag to Grasshopper

Hi Japhy,
Thanks again.
I am not very well-versed at Rhinocommons how to write a python code to extract the DisplayMaterial’s object name


The class doesn’t have any property to extract its name

What are you trying to do exactly? The display class is about generating what you see on the screen.