I Go Nuts 4 Rhino

Experimenting with spherical and cylindrical UV mapping projection in Rhino 5 and Rh6 I came up with these car nuts for game development. This helps me a lot in debugging and learning how to apply UV mapping to objects.

Bug report RH-55102
Discover that if you make an array the UV mapping can change (for the objects that “are moved further from the origin”(Jussi).

I´m not proud of the originality of this project. No research was done (just pix references) and neither design exploration. The originality of this object is not made by me. There was no time for really thinking in new nuts. Just exploring UVs.

I made up this model looking more or less like real production objects. So that they feel and look familiar (but are not the same). Some of them have fluorescent colors so that you do not lose them at night.

Here there are some Algorithmic Substance Painter 2 Iray renders. The Model was think using Grasshopper but finish it up using Rhino traditional surface and render mesh at about 3000 to 15000 triangles and 4K textures.

Here more places where you can find screenshots or if you need to buy these objects:

Cgtrader: GoNuts 4 Aftermarket Trim and Color Lug Nut Customization | 3D model

Unity: Go Nuts 4 Aftermarket Trim & Color | stylish cool automotive customisation, locks and spikes lug nuts | 3D Land | Unity Asset Store

Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Qz3DwE






awesome work!

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Thanks for sharing, really interesting work. Love the oily yellow texture.

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