I don't know how I can match these lists

I have three lists points and I wanna match them to input the curve.I don’t know a lot of lists and data in grasshopper yet, so that probably is pretty simple, but I can’t solve.The total number of points is a variable, of course.

The lists will look like that

0 0

1 0

2 0

0 1

1 1

2 1

0 n

1 n

2 n

Here is the file.
Help.gh (16.4 KB)

Do you have some suggestion?

Right. :man_facepalming:

Entwine then Flip Matrix?

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It is difficult to understand what you want without a clearer description. You are also more likely to get help here if you post a simplified grasshopper file with internalised geometry that shows your problem.

Follow these tips to improve your chances of getting help in this forum:


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I’m not sure but this may be a start.


That was so close, but I don’t know why it’s not working. Any idea?

I’m sorry about that. Thanks for your advice, if Emerson doesn’t solve that for me I will do that. It’s because he understanded perfectly.

Many of us understand perfectly but without your code, we can’t show you, only advise.

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I’m sorry, but don’t understand
I’m starting at grasshopper and I’m not english native :sweat_smile:

Connect your three lists of points into three inputs of the Entwine component (in the correct order!), then connect Flip Matrix to the output of Entwine.

Follow the advice from @kev.r and save all of us a lot of time!

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Absolutely, no problem. Here is :
Help.gh (13.6 KB)

You didn’t internalize your Curve param.

Ok, I will try that now

You still didn’t internalize your Curve param. Please read the page that @kev.r linked to. Had you followed that procedure correctly in your first post, you would have had the answer on the second post.

Your method works perfectly, thanks a lot!

I’m sorry again, I think it works now.
Help.gh (16.7 KB)

See!? You did have the correct answer in my first post, the second post in this thread. :man_facepalming:

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Absolutely, but I still with the question, I don’t know what witchness was that. You suggest any link to learn more about that?

It was “pretty simple”.