I can't start serial communication in Grasshopper


I am trying to develop my plugin that used to communicate with the Arduino.

As a simple test, I wrote a script that sent text from Grasshopper to Arduino and sent it back to Grasshopper.

But that didn’t work.
I can not read the text which come from arduino in the grasshopper.

Here is the script I wrote.

Can you give me some advice?

[Here is my component and arduino script]

arduino.txt (281 Bytes)

SerialOpen.gha (8 KB)

[Here is my scripts]

SerialReader.cs (2.5KB)

SerialOpener.cs (3.7 KB)

SerialWriter.cs (2.9 KB)


Solved by myself.
Here is modified script.

SerialReader.cs (2.7 KB)