Does not work Serial Read function


I am trying to develop my plugin that used to communicate with the Arduino.

As a simple test, I wrote a script that sent text from Grasshopper to Arduino and sent it back to Grasshopper.

But that didn’t work.
I can not read the text which come from arduino in the grasshopper.

Here is the script I wrote.

Can you give me some advice?
SerialConnectorComponent.cs (2.7 KB)
SerialConnectorInfo.cs (1.3 KB)
SerialOpener.cs (3.7 KB)
SerialReader.cs (2.5 KB)
SerialWriter.cs (2.9 KB)

SerialOpen.gha (8 KB)

Solved by myself.
Here is modified script.
SerialReader.cs (2.7 KB)

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