I can't render a black image

Hi @nathanletwory,
I’m having another issue: I can’t get a fully dark image.
I was used to a trick in V7 were I could put a very dimmed light to get a really dark image.
I do this when I don’t want to have any environment affecting the image.
With the latest version 8 I’m always getting an annoyng back light from an EnvMap … not set by me!!

This are the Env settings of the scene

and this what I get with the dimmed light trick.


  1. the image has an Envmap lighting from the back
  2. my selected light (the only active) is in the front part.

The file is here: Your best Rhino Rendering mini challenge - #13 by skysurfer

I can get black here if you go lower on the environment intensity setting…

try .001

I’m using ,005 here.

same image at .008

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I see but isn’t working if I switch ALL the environment map off.
When all the Envmap are off a default one appears no matter if I have light or not.
Is this an intended behaviour?

If you still have skylight checked then yes, because you have your environment set to black color.

Turn off the skylight as well and you’ll get a default camera-based light (over left shoulder).

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ah… yes… you have to actually have the environment lighting enabled but at a tiny amount, or rhino throws a default light set up into the scene.

If you don’t have environment lighting or skylight, or any physical lights in the scene it’d be black… so rhino throws a default directional light into the scene.

By the way, in latest Rhino 8 if you have an object with an emissive material in a scene without any lights the default light won’t be enabled anymore. The object with that material now functions as the light source.

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This is with upcoming Rhino 8.5, not sure if this is already in Rhino 8.4