Hydrostatics not working properly

I’m trying to obtain hydrostatics information for a hull at various degrees of heel/roll. At 0 degrees, the command works fine and gives me all the parameters, however with any other angle, it only gives me 2 parameters (wetted surface area and waterplane area). I’ve read that this can occur when there are naked edges, but the hull is a closed polysurface and I have checked several times that there are no naked edges. I’ve also turned symmetry off. Am I doing something wrong or does the command not work with heel angles? Unfortunately, I cannot share the model as it contains proprietary information.

Does the Rhino hull model you are using in Hydrostatics contain both sides of the hull or only one side? Hydrostatics works with heeled models but only with a full model containing both sides of the hull, not with a half model containing only one side of the hull.

If you hull model has only one side then create a copy of it, mirror the copy about the centerplane and join the two halfs together. Check for naked edges. Then rotate the full hull model to the desired heel angle and run Hydrostatics.

I assume there is no possibility that a naked sheer edge or similar is below the waterplane when the model is heeled?

Can you create a simple, non-proprietary hull model which does not work when heeled and share it? Even something as simple as a box would be helpful in diagnosing the problem.

Which version of Rhino are you using?

Sample file of heeled model which works in hydrostatics attached. HydroHeeledDC01.3dm (76.4 KB)