HumanUI 0.8.8 on macOS?

Hi everyone,

I am working on a HumanUI project in which I initially wrote many components in Windows, but recently I got a MacBook and I was trying to transfer my workflow to mac. However, when I tried package manager on macOS Rhino 7, I cannot get HumanUI 0.8.8 on mac. Is HumanUI supported on macOS at all at this stage?

Thanks a lot!


No, Human UI does not support mac os, and cannot without being re-written from the ground up, since it relies on the windows-only WPF framework.


Another option would be to look at Synapse:

It is a project designed to be similar in workflow to HumanUI but ETO based and therefore cross platform.

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Thanks a lot!!

is there any option which preview the model in UI as well? becayse Synapse just allows user to modify inputs and see the results in Rhino canvas. I am searching for a plugin to preview both modifying parameters and results in one window on MAC.

Thank you