Human UI - Set grasshopper objects like points

I am using Human UI for the first time (it’s great by the way) and I have run into the problem of creating objects such as points, lines, and planes, saving their order, and associating them as inputs for my definition. I came up with a hacky solution but I was wondering if there is a better way.

Currently, my solution is to use the “Rhino command” button to create the objects. Then use the geometry pipeline to import objects into grasshopper. As the objects are created, I give them a name attribute in the order that they are created. That way if the object is moved around in rhino, its input sequence won’t get mixed up.

It seems like a very laborious way to go about it. Ideally, there would be a “create grasshopper point(s)” button and all other geometry can be created from the value listener.

You can use the “Values LIstener” to retrieve data from the HumanUI interface to create a point.

You can then bake it via EleFront or another plugin and then retrieve it via a pipeline, although I don’t really see the interest…
Do you have an example of .gh code you could send us so that we understand what you want to do?

I need a user to be able to place points interactively on a screen rather than setting them through XYZ coordinates.

Your description below the image is exactly how I did it, with one additional step of changing the attributes of the points once baked. The problem with the geometry pipeline is that the point order gets messed up if you happen to move a point… so that’s why I added the name attribute to bake the order in which the point is created. I was hoping there would be a better way of doing this, akin to setting multi-points with a points parameter.