Huawei Matebook x Pro? (Nvidia MX150)

Hey sorry if this shouldn’t go here but I’m trying to figure out what portable laptop to upgrade to. I’ve seen great reviews for the new Huawei Matebook X Pro but cant quite figure out if the Nvidia MX150 will cut the mustard. I’m currently working off a dell inspiron 15 7559 which works fine but isn’t as portable is id like (I move around alot) and the battery life is pretty average now.

If anyone is using one or can recommend something better (with a similar weight and size) it’d be really appreciated

My laptop is Huawei Matebook X Pro. At present, I think it is good and has no big problem in my work. However, I’m a developer rather than a designer. I guess it is not friently for designers because of heat-dissipation and memory. Anyway, if you wanna design a big model, it is not a good choice in my opinion.