Howto deform a solid

Hello Rhino Guru’s,

I have a question, how would one go about changing a text solid created in rhino where one side of the text flows along a curve (like the text in the picture attached). As a new rhino user/tinkerer i honestly have no idea how i would aproach this so i’d be much abliged if anyone could point me in the right direction as how to create this effect.

Thanks in advance, Chryso.

Try CageEdit with the control as a bounding box with the default 4x4x4 point structure. Then edit the top row of points only.

You can flow this top row of points along a curve.

BrianJ and Mikolaj,

Thanks for the quick response; I’ve tried the CageEdit suggestion that BrianJ posted and that worked for me, I haven’t tried the flow tip mikolay posted but will give that a try later on tonight.

Again, thanks for your quick response and good suggestions.

PS. for thoose reading and wanting to try the cageedit suggestion; here is a quick and simple tutorial i found in google.