How to work with multiple detail scales?

I’ve been using layouts more and more recently and wanted to know what the best way to manage multiple detail scales is. Lets say I am doing a plan, currently I draw the dimension strings in the model space. If the plan fits in a 1:10 scale detail, I go into the annotations options and set the annotations to scale 10x so that the text and dimension strings are proportionally the same size as they are in the detail. I then lay out all my text and dimension strings so that they are spaced nicely and line up. The problem is when I have to zoom out a little in the detail (maybe 1:15 because the plan got bigger), the text does not get smaller so they become all jumbled up if they were closely spaced before. And then for me to correct the text and dimensions I have to go back into annotation options and scale it up (15x) and re-space everything.

What is the best workflow for making technical drawings with multiple detail scales? Should I be drawing my dimension string and leaders in my layout instead of in the model space? How do I make a zoomed in detail with dimensions and text without having those dimensions and text show up on the overall plan?

I generally draw my dimensions in my layout. But if you have dimensions in your model space and have a detail view you don’t want them to show up in you can use “Hideindetail”. It will work on dimensions, models, curves anything in your model space. And it will hide it in that detail only. And you can use “Showindetail” when you are in the detail view to bring everything back.

Thanks for the tip.

I tried drawing the dimension strings directly on the layout. I think this is a good move since it’ll keep my model clean. And it is really useful that the dimensions come out as the true size in the model (but that only happens when you snap to the model). The only thing that not working is that when I choose to zoom in, zoom out or pan the detail, the dimensions don’t scale/translate accordingly.

When you enable history before you make the dimension, the dimension points will scale and translate accordingly.
And that is both for panning and zooming in a detail but also if you translate the object in the 3D world.

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@wim, Good tip, I didn’t know turning on history allowed the dimensions to lock onto it’s location. That’ll be mighty helpful.