How to use TT Toolbox with Octopus

Hi I’m doing a multi-objective optimization with Octopus. I’d like to extract the data from the simulations (with Pareto front) and transfer them to an excel sheet with TTtollbox but I have no idea how to connect the components. Can anyone help me?

Hej Francesca
I am successfully using TTtoolbox 2 for converting Gh data into excel documents.
I can help you later on, maybe during the weekend. You’d have to post the example GH panel with the simulation results and how would you like to have it structured in Excel (maybe even the template excel file).

Here you can find my gh file (and rhino file too). As you can see in the Octopus component my goal is to minimize EUI and Glare and maximize UDI, so I have to find the best solution located in the pareto front in order to design the facade of my building. I’m sorry but I’ve never done anything like that so I don’t know how to make you a template excel file but I will answer if you need more informations.
Thank you in advance!
Tower_F.3dm (1.3 MB) (343.1 KB)

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I don’t have Octopus installed and, certainly, I don’t have a time for running any simulation.
Please do it yourself and save result into GH text panel so I will be dealing with text information only to be sent to excel. If you never done anything with Excel you will have to learn basics in order to be able read and write documents. I can help you with making the GH setup that but I need at least some simple example how Octopus outputs the data.
Just to give you a hint: see how I combine multiple GH panels to be merged into one document:

and that’s how it reads in excel with ca 500 rows

This is the result of my simulation:

And this is the pareto front in which my solution is located:

In this window I can export datas (the number with “-” in EUI and the other are UDI and Glare:

I read that “during the optimization process the daylighting metrics and energy metrics of each design
solution are automatically exported to an Excel file using TT Toolbox. This data is utilized to create data plots and further analyzed to understand the relationships between building performance and design variables”.
So it seems like I have to start the simulation with the TTtoolbox component that process the data.

I don’t have and never used any optimisation tool other than Goat or Galapagos.
I can see there is an option to output the result to the text file. let’s start from there. Run any simulation and save it as a text. No need to run optimisation and exporter at the same time, these are two different tasks that can be performed on a different machines.
You can try between export options. You can also use online text to excel converters without engaging Grasshopper for this task, unless you want to do everything in one step.

Thanks for sharing that, it is hard to find info / tutorials on using octopus.