How to use Python to obtain the centerline of a curved cylinder


circle = P.ToBrep().Edges[1]
I can only get to the edge like this

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Can you help me solve this problem

Do you know how to do this with native Grasshopper components?

If this extrusion has already be converted to a Brep. Then I’m afraid it would be hard to trace back to its true path curve.

But if the curved cylinder is perfect, it would be easy to get a fake one. (32.4 KB)

Thank you very much for wanting this effect

I will study your ideas

I seem to be in some trouble. Can you help me take a look

I have discovered a problem where the centerline of such fine graphics cannot be obtained. May I ask how to solve it

How to use Python to obtain the centerline of the pipeline for native plugins

It woul d be better if you can upload a file containing this element.

You want python? or native components?

Upload a file if you want help.


Using Python (4.2 KB)

Could you please take a look at the message I just sent (4.2 KB)
Could you please take a look at this

Look at what I just posted

Try this

I’ll put both the GH and python methods.

The idea would be find 2 perimeter curves instead, and then make a tween curve.
Also works for 3d path, as long as the domain of the pipe surface is set to [(0,0), (1,1)] (parameterized). (7.8 KB)


Thank you. I also came up with this method