How to use Deconstruct Face

Hi, Im new to grasshopper and been trying to use DeFace, however the I’m unsure of what the input should be? i am playing with a surface and the component goes red saying “1. Data conversion failed from Text to Mesh face”? The photograph example that I am following imputs from a panel parameter that has data listed however I don’t know where it is sourced from? Can someone please have a look at the example and then mine and advise me on my errors?


Input same text as the example. It is the number for a face of the mesh vertices. So it is 3 or 4 integer separated by comma
For the exact number hard to tell without a file.

I tried that and still nothing, could you also tell me what the square behind the components that are after the panel are? and also with the Shift List components underneath, the author has hidden the wiring, whats the most likely direction for those Lists?


If you continue to send just the images without the script it will be difficult to help.
Read that please

Right click on panel and click multiline or something like that.

oh sorry i’m new to (2.7 MB)

Many errors, normal it is not so simple
Multiline panel so it will output a list of connectivity

In the image sample the simplier is to have a domain reparametrized. As your surface is reparametrized UV values will be between 0 to 1. I hope you understand parametrization, UV …

When there is a * it means there is an expression, the variable is always x, most of the time it is x-1, x+1, x*2 …Here surely x-1

Point list used to debug

And why not giving the link to the image ?

All the trick here is to connect the point in order to have the mesh you want. I used Point list to do that and did it the hard way, face by face.
Follow the flow of the script to understand how it works.

Script without the surface. And for your image it is better to have greyscale image or line with enough width. (1.1 MB)