How to use a obj file in bison analysis

hello everyone,

i have a terrain in .obj file format which i would like to do an analysis using the bison, is there a way that i can use my .obj file for the analysis in bison as i understand bison need .tif file? any help much appreciated

please please let me know if any further details are required

thank you

if you read through their documentation (
you’ll see that most of the analysis components inputs a mesh, and when they inputs a .tif file, all they’re doing is reading in the mesh.
so there’s no reason you can’t use your own mesh that’s saved in an obj format.

thank you for your comment, it helped. as i’m very new and little experience with grasshopper i found it difficult and referring to a you tube video to work on my model. now i’m able to read my .obj file as i connect the mesh directly to the flow analysis, thank you